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Football without fans is like a sausage without mustard

The Barcelona Jester Hat, the Paul Gascoigne nose picker, and the Lionel Messi Towel – just some of the weirdest merchandising items sold that have really caught on. Next is the Man United Rubber Ducks and the Arsenal nodding dog – they think they have a future, and won’t disagree.
Despite recent outcries, there are football gifts and souvenirs priced to suit all budgets and there are plenty for under a fiver.
These make great gifts for any football fan, and there are plenty of “must haves”. Today, you can order merchandise from any club in the UK and from the top teams from around the world.
The top selling teams for Official Football Merchandise are (in alphabetical order):

Arsenal FC
Birmingham City FC
Celtic FC
Chelsea FC
Everton FC
FC Barcelona
England Football Team
Glasgow Rangers FC
Juventus FC
Leeds United FC
Liverpool FC
Manchester City FC
Manchester United FC
Newcastle United FC
Real Madrid
Scotland Football Team
Tottenham Hotspur FC
Wales Football
West Ham United FC
Wolverhampton Wanderers FC

With Manchester United beating England as the biggest seller.


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