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What the Newcastle Supporters Association say

The Newcastle Independent Supporters Association has come out against the club's decision; here the association sets out a series of questions for the club.
For too long Newcastle fans have been subjected to more and more money making schemes from the club. There was:
The Bond scheme
The Platinum Club
The 1892 Club
The Connect Club
The Trophy Trail
There is also the appalling way fans are treated on European away trips, including not taking the full allocation of tickets and promoting TV beam backs instead.
Then there's:
The share scheme, where only 9 per cent of fans can buy any
And what about encouraging families to St James' Park?
The waste of space Club Membership, where fans get a small amount of money off deals with the Club's sponsors
Then the situation with the removal of the roof in the Milburn and the Leazes after season ticket money was received while scaffolding hampered views for many.
Fans now say..."Enough is Enough!"
It's time the club answers some serious questions.
Bond holders being moved can purchase one extra season ticket. From information received there are 2,000 bond holders being moved which means that if they all apply for 2,000 tickets then they can queue jump their friends and family. Add that to the 4,000 corporate queue jumpers and there are now 6,000 less tickets available for the 15,000 currently on the club's waiting list. Why?
Freddie Fletcher states that every seat in the ground will be first class. If this is the case why aren't corporate clients offered seats in the upper tiers and avoid all this disruption?
When we requested a singing section the Club said they could not do it. Why can they now move people around when it suits them?
The Club has not produced prices for next season's tickets. You would not buy a product without knowing the price. If they can provide the prices for the Sports Bar and the 1892 Club why can't they provide the prices elsewhere?
Some of the fans in the Milburn cannot use the facilities in the stand and have to go to the Exhibition Stand as the facilities in the Milburn are for the Platinum Club only. Will fans in the Leazes be made to use facilities elsewhere next season as the Upper Tier of the Leazes will be for the corporate only?
It already takes the people in the Leazes approx 10 minutes to leave the ground. How do the Club stand on health and safety for the people in the very top stand if an evacuation was needed. It would take approx 20 mins from the top of the new stand.
People currently in the Leazes have paid the same price for their tickets as people in the Gallowgate, but have a restricted view and no roof. Why are there no reduced prices? Surely we should expect cheaper tickets next season not more expensive.
We have heard that the Club have moved the elderly and the disabled. Why?
At present the Leazes end do not hear the tannoy so if there was an emergency what would happen to the fans?


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