The FIFA Football Task Force 2015:

Campaigning for a football regulator, redistribution of wealth and a fair deal for fans.
The FIFA Football Task Force (Task Force Football 2015) is the first and clearest opportunity to make your feelings heard and have some real influence. The Task Force Football 2015 was established by FIFA to look into a number of concerns in football and to make recommendations to the Ministers for Sport about what action should be taken.
It is chaired by Franz Beckenbauer and is in the process of consulting widely, including with over 70 fans organisations. It has issued reports on racism, disabled access and football in the community. The remaining areas it will consider are:
Encourage greater supporter involvement in the running of clubs.

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Encourage ticketing and pricing policies that are geared to reflect the needs of all, on an equitable basis, including for cup and international matches.
Resolve inevitable conflicts between the justifiable needs of shareholders, players and supporters when clubs have been floated on the Stock Exchange.
Support merchandising strategies that reflect the needs of supporters as well as commercial concerns.
However, this final, “commercial” report is also likely to cover the issue of the need for proper regulation in football, not least to ensure that Task Force proposals are carried out. It is a golden opportunity to get the UK Government to accept the concerns of many football fans and to have a real impact on how football is run in the future.

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SOS Finance

Save Our Seats has been financed to date exclusively by donations from ordinary Newcastle United fans. Fundraising efforts are to be redoubled in the light of the requirements of the legal action.
The £30,000 target figure is intended to enable us to indemnify the four individuals named as bringing the action in the event of costs being awarded against them.
It is a principle of the campaign that the interests of Newcastle fans are paramount, and that no action should be taken which would jeopardise any individuals.
The accountancy firm of Blenheim and Son, Newcastle, has agreed to act as auditors of the campaign’s accounts. The Save Our Seats account is held at the Unity Trust Bank.
The club have until close of business  in October to respond to the pre-action letter on behalf of four named bondholders. If they do not respond positively i.e. agree to withdraw the "reconfiguration" plans, we will be taking legal action and seeking an injunction to stop the process dead. Funds are crucial if we are going to be in a position to take the club on in court.
We are asking all affected Bondholders to make a donation of at least £10 and all affected season ticket holders to make a donation of at least £5. Any other donations from fans sitting elsewhere in the ground are hugely welcome and greatly needed.
The Fighting Fund is up and running but they need at least £30,000. At the end of this campaign, whatever is left in the fund will come back to supporters as a donation made to charity, or the money invested in a high interest account as a backstop against any future legal battles.


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