Supporting football  - How to be a Referee

How to be a Referee

The recommended way to become a referee is by contacting your local County Football Association (assuming you are over 14!).

Failing that the FA can offer plenty of advice and can be contacted at:

The Football Association,
25 Soho Square,
Telephone: 020 7745 4545

The Referees' Association can be contacted at:

The Referee Association,
1 Westhill Road
Telephone: 02476 601701
Fax: 02476 601556

The general process will be along the following lines. First you train as a Class Three Referee, which involves around ten classroom-based training sessions, followed by a written exam on the laws of the game. Passing this means you can officiate amateur games and with experience and further training aim all the way to become part of the Select Group. For Scottish hopefuls its best to get in touch with the Scottish Football Association for starters and they will be able to direct you in the right direction. However the following contacts are always worth starting with:


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