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Football without fans is nothing

  • Do you want to sit and object to your view being blocked by others standing?
  • Are you concerned that capacities may be reduced?
  • Does it worry you that away ticket allocations may be halved?
  • Are you concerned that sanctions against those who stand my lead to crowd disorder?
  • Do you want your club to lose income?
  • Do you want the implementation of safety measures to be based on objective risk assessment?
  • Supporting football is just as concerned about these issues and wants to hear from you.
  • As football becomes a bigger and bigger business, few fans are able to retain a voice in the affairs of their clubs. The result has been that the fans’ voice on matters affecting their clubs’ futures grows weaker.
  • The website brings you up-to-date football fans' news along with in-depth articles on our issues.

Football without fans is like a human without heart

Probably the best way to buy tickets online is with a fan to fan ticket exchange sites. This offers the ability to trade in tickets to matches you cannot get to, and to buy tickets at near face value prices from other fans. We are not sure where the legalities lie in all this, so be warned, but we feel it is better than using the online touts who charge an arm and a leg for the tickets. 
Exchange sites today are 100% secure and guaranteed and can usually get you tickets for all football events reliably, painlessly and fast!
The advantage of using these sites is that they offer:
Verification of all sellers before allowing them to list tickets
Free listing for all tickets
0% Commission when selling tickets
Buy and sell tickets direct with other fans
In the event of the seller failing to send you your tickets and the site will try to find a suitable replacement. If not then they give you a full refund of all of your money with no questions asked.


loving football


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